Flag of the People's Republic of China

The Chinese Territory of Omicron(中属欧麦克轮领土 - Chinese)is the territory of The Peoples Republic of China on the planet Omicron. It was first colonized by Astronauts and Scientists from the Chinese Space Prorgram in 2042, notably after the USA's landing on the planet in 2039.


The area was first colonized by astronauts and scientists from China's Space Program in 2041 , after the United States had established the United States Territory of Omicron in 2039. Looking for more natural resources for China's economy. The first settlement established was in 2041, namely New Beijing, which was originally a research station.


The territory is a communist state, like the rest of China, but with some Capitalistic inspirations. The governor of the territory of Omicron is Governor Xiu.


The economy of the territory is based on scientific research and export of Resources to China and other Asian nations.


The territory is served by the Pan-Omicron Highway, which connects it to the US Territory and settlements in the Chinese Territory.

The Xang Space Port is located in New Beijing, and is the largest spaceport in the territory and second largest on the planet, the largest being Achievement Space Port in the US Territory.


Most settlements are named after cities or places in China.

Top 3 Settlements in the Chinese Territory
Name Population New Beijing 99,347
New Shanghai 79,512
New Yangtze 75,899

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