The Chinese University of Kihāmát (Kihā́mmic: Kihāmátī čungatī́zô kzəkghál, IPA: [kɪhɑːˈmatiː t͡ʃʊŋgaˈtiːzo kz̩əˈçal]; Chinese: traditional: 奇哈瑪特中文大學, simplified: 奇哈玛特中文大学, pinyin: Qíhāmǎtè Zhōngwén Dàxué) is a Russian language university located in Októn, on the south coast of Raibáûī. The university offers the same courses that are available elsewhere in Kihāmát, however, since the working language of the university is Mandarin Chinese the majority of lectures and lessons are conducted in Mandarin. The university also offers Cantonese and Vietnamese language courses.

The university is part of Kihāmát's International University Federation.

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