Christian Libertarian Party
Founder Joshua Mansfield
Party Leader Eric Hoynes
Leader of the Opposition Ray Butler
Founded 6 March 1990 (merger of Libertarian Party and Christian Democratic Party)
Headquarters Foundersville
Student wing Christian Libertarian Youth
Ideology Christian libertarianism
Seats in the Grand Assembly
89 / 300
Politics of the Washingtonia

The Christian Libertarian Party (CLP) is the opposition and second largest political party in the Kingdom of Washingtonia. It is the result of a 1990 merger between the former opposition Libertarian Party and the third largest party, the Christian Democratic Party. The Libertarian Party was founded in 1916 as the main opposition to the monarchist Union Nationalist Party. The CLP adheres to principles of Christian libertarianism and republicanism. Although it has good relations with the Monarchy, a key part of its platform is to replace it with a system of representative democracy, where the Monarchy can simply play a ceremonial role (contrary to the current powerful Monarchy). The CLP is in a political alliance with the Liberal Party of Washingtonia.




National Council

The National Council is the CLP's governing body and consists of the party's top leadership. The Council is elected by the party's Electoral Caucus annually, except for the Leader of the Opposition, who is chosen by the CLP members in the Grand Assembly. The Party Leader is usually the highest ranking member with an executive posting, however this is not absolute. The Leader is also usually the party's candidate for President.

  • Party Leader: Minister Eric Hoynes
  • Leader of the Opposition: Assemblyman Ray Butler
  • Treasurer: Assemblyman Royden Verne
  • North Island Leader: Diandra Hudges (Member of the Provincial Legislature)
  • South Island Leader: Isidore Denis (Deputy Provincial Secretary for Ports and Waterways)
  • Spokesperson: Warren Phillips


  • Christian Caucus
  • Atheist Caucus
  • Nonchristian Caucus
  • Women's Caucus
  • North Island Caucus
  • South Island Caucus
  • Franco Washingtonian Caucus
  • LGBT Caucus
  • Business Caucus
  • Children's Caucus

Geographical branches

  • North Island Branch
  • South Island Branch

Affiliated organizations


The logo of the CLP is an amalgamation of the former logos of the Christian Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party. The CDP's logo consisted of a Christian cross while the LiP's logo was a torch. The new logo has the Christian cross substitute the torch itself, however with the "flame of liberty" still burning.

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