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In this world, in the year 1123 AD Fairies and other creatures are discovered. The Catholic Church, seeing them as monsters in the eyes of God, set up a secret order of knights called "Knights of Iscariot" .(named after the apostle Judas Iscariot) Iscariot is now hunting these creatures.


1123: Fairies and other creatures discovered. Order of Iscariot is created by The Pope.

1124: Most Kingdoms in Europe agree to let Iscariot knights into there kingdoms.

1125: Mermaids discovered in the Sea. Iscariot starts making ships to kill them.

June 1125: 5 ships built in Italy. They are Christened by The Pope and are then immediately set out for their mission.

1126: Mass killing of Banshee's ( Fairies in Irish Stories) in Ireland. 250 Banshee's Killed.

August 1126: The Papal States is trying to make sure no one discovers that these creatures are really real.

1127: A group of Iscariot Knights are killed by an ogre in England.

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