The Church of Nalatia's logo.

The Church of Nalatia is the officially established Christian church in the country of Nalatia. The religion is endorsed by royalty, and it is listed within the Constitution that all members of Royalty must be of the faith, and that any people that enter into the royal family through marriage must convert if they are not already of the Church. However, elected officials are not required to be of the Church.


Nalatia has always been a predominately Christian nation, dating back to the time when the Roman Empire became Christian. Up until 1915, Roman Catholicism was the predominant religion of Nalatia. At this time, King Agro III founded the Church of Nalatia. While Agro III did not persecute Catholics, he strongly spoke against the religion, which only increased the tension between Nalatia and France, a predominately Catholic country.


Due to the unique nature of Nalatia's government in which the Monarch actually rules the country, and because they must be of the Church of Nalatia, the Church does not express opinions on any controversial topics, leaving it up to interperetation. When asked about abortion and gay marriage, the Church released a statement saying: "...The Church teaches to love all people, whether they are young, old, homosexual, or with any other form of disadvantage.. Jesus Christ respects all people, and the Bible teaches we should be as much like Jesus as possible." Some interperets this as meaning they are anti-abortion but believe in gay marriage.

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