The planet of Ci is a gas giant of the star Jiuba, there are multiple other (apart from Oppen) moons of Ci, which are habitable, but fairly hostile. The Bonecracker military animal comes from one of the particularly dangerous ones, the jungle moon; Berou. Oppen is a mix of forest, ocean and savannah. It has little deserts and tropical jungles due to its entire source of heat and light comes from the radioactive elements of the Cician atmosphere. It’s savannahs are found around the equator, where it is fairly warm and dry, the vast grasslands are home to many creatures, the small and inquisitive Wox, the large dangerous Gi, and many more. The forests have a multitude of slim, fast animals, unlike the large lumbering beasts of the savannah (with the exception of the Wox and other rodents). At the Polar Regions, there is a total barren wasteland of rock and some ice. The Oceans are home to many fearsome and massive beasts such as the Ralar Shark.

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