Ciaralioas was created by the gods long before the Age of Humanity. The world is vast, with it's ends still not known to the inhabitants. Most say it is flat, but others like the renown wizard Jakenster Hagsbane, state it is an orb-shaped world. The world is surronded by twelve planets and a red star named Rak'asga.


The world is divided between five continents; Haran, Archia, Austaka, Mercia, and Rala. The main civilizations reside in the continent of Haran, but are culturaly divided into four groups. The continent of Haran is mainly a Human-Elvish continent, whilst Archia belongs to the greenskins. The continent of Mercia was orginaly covered in vast plains with few humanoids. Now there are Haran colonies there, taking what they can, althought they are too young to make a large amount of damage. In Rala, lizardfolk rule, honouring the jungles. They protect nature from outsiders, and are much respected amongst Elf-kin. Austaka is mainly undiscovered. Only goblins seem to have a large presence here, trying to take over from the giants living there. There are five oceans; Archian Ocean, Kazgra ocean, Icefull ocean, Giant Ocean, and Southern Ocean.


The Water Age

The first life form made by gods were fish, children of the goddess Hyfrom. The world was covered in ocean, and 

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