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Cipher is the guild of high-tech creations and robots (or homunculi). A good number of their robots are autonomous, and at the high end, their robots have the ability to autonomously build other robots – though only to a limited degree. Cipher is the only guild with robotic weaponry, and features a greater variety of smart weaponry. Cipher deploys its robots for a variety of tasks, oftentimes offering its varied services to the various nations of the world – including providing them with robots for buttressing their armies. Cipher has relatively few spellcrafters, as it runs factories that build spells and even other robots (with supervision from other members of the guild). This is also the guild with the most variety and most advanced charmases. Cipher also specializes in producing special materials (like metamaterials and composites, these have special properties), as well as self-assemblying materials and 3D-printing tools. It produces a great variety of products, though most of them are relatively costly to produce, so relatively few of these get used by even the well-to-do commoners. They are primarily used only by gentry and nobility. Oftentimes they are leased out to their clients, and/or there may be limited charges or operating times for the spells and the robots they provide to their clients. This is the most industrious of the six guilds. The guild features a great variety of artifacts since a greater proportion of their spells is meant to be used by people who don’t understand magic or don’t have access to magic of their own.

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