This is a tech tree I designed based on that of Civilization 4. The intent of this was to be:

  • A catalogue of all the greatest accomplishments and landmarks of humanity. It is meant to be a far more extensive set than that of the original.
  • Broken down by type of advancement, with each row its own type. Hence all building-related advancements are on one line, and all the religion type advancements their own section. Furthermore, the lines are meant to show relationships between the types of advancements. Metallurgy advancements and industry advancements go hand in hand, for example, while military training and armor technologies go hand in hand, but the pairs do not go with each other.
  • Accurately broken down by era (as was in the case of the original).
  • An indication of the relative complexity and/or difficulty of each advancement, given at the top right of each box.
  • A tech-tree that could be used within the context of Civilization 4. Note that a great many new units and buildings are introduced in this tech tree that aren't available in the vanilla version. Blue items are meant to be available upon game-start in the earliest age ("ancient").

Tech Tree


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