The Civil Investigation and Enforcement Agency (CIEA or only referred to as Enforcement) is the Kingdom of Washingtonia's principle internal intelligence, security and counterterrorism agency responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence in support of law enforcement, national security, defense and foreign policy objectives. It was established alongside the King's Loyal Directorate for Military Intelligence (DIM) and the National Communications Intelligence Directorate (NCID) by the Internal Security Act of 1947. The Act was introduced by the Laut Government, allegedly, in response to the Constitutional Crisis of 1946 to give the executive government wider powers.

Although the Agency is involved in matters relating to defense and foreign intelligence, the CIEA's sister agency, the King's Loyal Directorate for Military Intelligence handles these fields on a daily basis. The CIEA in its collection and analysis of information is heavily entwined with the national signals intelligence agency, the National Communications Intelligence Directorate. The CIEA may unilaterally decide to join an ongoing police investigation, or may be requested by the police to do so. The Agency's activities have been retroactively declared secret by the Security of Intelligence Act of 2010 by the Minister of National Intelligence. Before 2010, the Agency simply did not respond to requests to comment on or release information concerning its activities.

The Agency is led by a Director who is directly responsible to the President and King through the Minister of National Intelligence. The Director since 7 April 2006 has been Robert Carlisle Jnr., son of the Agency's first director, Robert Carlisle Sr. Along with the other intelligence and internal security agencies, the Overseer for the Intelligence and Security Cluster is the independent ombudsman for the CIEA, who is elected by the Grand Washingtonian Assembly's Committee on National Security every four years.

History and operations

Speculated organization


According to several files obtained by WikiLeaks from anonymous whistleblowers, the ranking system in CIEA differs across its various divisions. There is however a general rank structure which measures every employee's position on the agency's overall hierarchy.

  • Director
  • Section Chief
  • Directing Branch Agent
  • Branch Agent I
  • Branch Agent II
  • Operator I
  • Operator II
  • Operator III
  • Operator IV
  • Generalist I
  • Generalist II

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