Civilized Hell
Political Information
Type of Government

Aristocratic Dictatorship


King of Hell

Government Stability


Societal Information



Over 500 million


Lifeforce powered

Historical Information
Formed From

Former villages of sentient demons

Year of Founding

Some time after the defeat of Abaddon by Baphomet

Policy Information

The Civilized Hell, commonly referred to as Hell or Inferno, is a demonic nation.


Most of the Civilized Hell is located within the nation-wide walls of Pandæmonium, that protect its residents from the barren plains that once contained the tribes of sentient demons. Such plains are filled with mighty beasts that could take down less powerful demons with ease. The mountains in which Abaddon is sealed are also under the King's rule, as the small villages in there located.

By the time of its founding, the Civilized Hell had taken the city of Dis, but at the end of the War of the Fifth Crown, it had been taken by the archdemon Fulgur and his servants.


The great Castle of Pandæmonium is located at the exact center of the fortress-city, standing tall as the symbol of the King's might. Around the castle, there is the majestic habitations of nobility and demon lords, a large area that is ruled by the King alone. This area extends for only a few kilometers, until the eight massive towers of the castle, each representing a direction in a giant windrose-like formation around the King.

Each of the towers marks a principality, ruled by a Crowned Prince or Princess, the offspring of the King that won one of the eight Crown Wars, bloody conflicts between siblings of the court. Each principality covers the space between the limits of the castle and the walls of Pandæmonium, ruling over the population centers in said direction. Only Crowned Princes can challenge the King for the throne and expect any mercy if losing. The eight principalities that divide Pandæmonium are:

  • Ponente, at west. Ruled by Prince Focalor, it is a barren wasteland in which monthly tournaments and competitions decide the most powerful demons in the nation.
  • Notus, at south. Ruled by Prince Dantalion, it is covered by the forest of suicides (in which even demons rarely venture) and is home to the 36 legions of the jinn prince.
  • Libeig, at south-west. Ruled by Prince Alphito, it is a land of death and conflict, separated from the nation's concerns.
  • Mistral, at north-west. Ruled by Princess Gaea, it is the headquarters of the beast trainers of Hell, receiving beasts from Sirocco and Grecale in a daily basis.
  • Tramontane, at north. Ruled by Prince Gamal, it is comprised of large mining centers, being the main responsible for high quality of the nation's weaponry.
  • Grecale, at north-east. Ruled by Princess Naamah, it contains the tallest of the peaks within the city, from which the greatest flying war beasts of the armies of Hell are extracted and transferred to Mistral for training.
  • Levante, at east. Ruled by Prince Ashtaroth, the land of onis and lesser demon populations and headquarters of the 40 legions of the incubus prince.
  • Sirocco, at south-east. Ruled by Prince Higaroo, the plains from which most war beasts of the armies of Hell are extracted and transferred to Mistral for training.

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