Clyde Luman
Clyde Luman
Official Portrait of Clyde Luman
1st Allied States Deputy Secretary of Defense
Personal details
Born23 January 1961
Houston, Texas
Political partyDemocratic Liberty Party

Clyde Luman is the first and current Deputy Secretary of Defense, under Secretary James R. Eden. Luman served as a Read Admiral lower half in the United States Navy before being appointed as Deputy Secretary of Defense by President Henry J. Fortis in February 2007.


Luman was born and raised in Houston, Texas, on 23 January 1961. His father was the owner of a nearby appliance store and his mother a stay-at-home housewife. He attended a public primary as well as high school and immediately enlisted with the Navy out of school. Upon reaching the rank of chief petty officer, he attended the Naval Academy and returned a lieutenant. In 2000, Luman was a commander based out of San Diego, and remained there until 2005 when he was promoted to captain and in 2006 to Read Admiral lower half for the outstanding work he had been doing.

In 2007 when the Allied States seceded from the United States, Luman was offered the position of Deputy Secretary of Defense by President Fortis. Fortis originally did not have Luman on the shortlist, however, all five other candidates refused, thus Luman was at the top of the next shortlist. Knowing he would be able to return home to Texas and receive a much higher salary, Luman accepted, however cited at numerous times that he apposed to secessionist movement.

Luman had been Deputy Secretary of Defense since the foundation of the Allied States under Secretary James R. Eden. He now states he started supporting the Allied States' secession from the United States in 2009.

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