Columbian A-P4
Columbian A-P4
The Columbian A-P4
Type Howitzer Artillery
Place of origin American Flag United States of Columbia
Service history
In service 2008–Present
Used by United Columbian Armed Forces
Wars Columbian-Appalachian War
Production history
Designed 2009–20011
Manufacturer Pan-Columbia Industries
Unit cost $92,000,000
Produced 2008 - Present
Number built 2,350
Length 72 ft (Cannon Upward)
Width 6 feet (Cannon)
Crew 10

Effective range 94.5 miles
Maximum range 103.4 miles

The Columbian A-P4 (Artillery Prototype 4th Generation) is a artillery howitzer from the United States of Columbia built to do massive amounts of spread damage from a long distance. Designed in 2010, it was constructed in several stages, until in it reached it current stage, after four series. 

Use & Information

It was used first during the Columbian-Appalachian War of 2013 when Columbia led a siege against the state of Appalachia, the howitzer was extremely effective in first destroying the Mountaineers air defenses and eventually destroying several fortifications. When Columbia used it against Appalachia's cities defenses it was one of the most life-destructive weapons during the war, news coverage of the bombardments compared it to the carpet bombings of Germany.

It's current producer is Columbian Armor, while not nearly at the size of Pravus, Boeing or any other major companies it has been able to provide the United Columbian Armed Forces with 2,350 units before the planning of the war had even begun. 

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