The United Columbian Air Force is the aerial warfare department of the United States of Columbia, it is one of the five branches of the United Columbian Armed Forces. It is the successor of the United States Air Force, and the United Coalition Air Force. The UCAF is one of the most highly developed technological air powers on the Earth, its array of fighter jets, satellites and ICBMs allows for an highly developed attack opportunities against Columbia's foes. The Columbia F-C55 is the United Columbian Air Forces main fighter jet, its unique design is well known to the world, and its ability to take on a role of air to air and air to ground maneuvers makes it one of the deadliest fighter jets on the planet. 


Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note
Columbian F-C55 Columbian F-C55 American Flag United States of Columbia Fighter Aircraft F-C55A






Originally the Coalition F-C55; it was the main successor of the United States F-22 Raptor, F-16, F-15.

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