The Columbian National Congress is the official legislative branch of the United States of Columbia, its currently located in Columbus, Ohio in the Ohio Statehouse. Composed of the Columbian House of Represenatives, the Columbian Senate, and the Columbian House of States. Its current speaker Lucas Williams, a Southern Democrat from Mississippi. 

Political Parties

Currently inside the three chambers, three parties dominate the current political, the Columbian Democratic Party (CDP), the Columbian Republican Party (CRP) and the Columbian Southern Democrats (CSD). The House of Represenatives is made up of 210 Congressional Seats, with Florida having the largest of 27 seats. The Columbian Senate has an amount of 52 Senators, two from each state. Inside the Columbian House of States, sits 26 members, each representing the state goverments. 

Columbian Southern Democratic Party

  • House of Represenatives: 56 Congressmen
  • House of States: 7
  • Senate: 14

Columbian Republican Party

  • House of Represenatives: 82 Congressmen
  • House of States: 6
  • Senate: 19

Columbian Democratic Party

  • House of Represenatives: 72
  • House of States: 9
  • Senate: 20

Bills Passed 

  • 2013 March 4th: United States of Columbia Constitution
  • Description: The Columbian Constitution is the basic outline of laws and the rights of citizens of the United States of Columbia, it also outlines a preamble and its statement to the world its founding and seeking the re-establishment of a 'New Order for the Ages' and how it seeks to maintain its American culture, and how it seeks to remain out of international sight. 
  • Voting
    • House: 210/210
    • Senate: 52/52
    • States: 26/26
  • 2013 March 8th: Pravus-Columbian Free Trade Agreement
  • Description:  The Pravus-Columbian Free Trade Agreement is an economic trade agreement signed by the United States of Columbia and Pravus International, as a middle ground following the former's threat to blockade the Corporate Republic of Chicago due to mistrust of the megacorporation. The treaty resulted in Pravus agreeing to provide Columbia with hundreds of thousands of jobs by opening countless factories in the Columbian Industry Belt, and establishing the subsidary Pan-Columbia Industries to oversee the management of the factories in the belt.
  • Voting
    • House: 151/210
    • Senate: 37/52
    • States: 16/26
      • President of Columbia: VETO
        • Second Voting
          • House: 149/210
          • Senate: 37/52
          • States: 16/26
            • THE BILL PASSES 

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