The Columbian Department of State is the department of external affairs for the the United States of Columbia, it does not maintain any Embassy in any foreign states, nor allows any foreign embassies in Central Columbia. It currently holds positions on of nations and has openly condemned nations and supported nations, but rarely makes extensive statements on issues of the outside world. The Comstock Doctrine, heavily enforced by President Zachary Hale Comstock is the main article for foreign policy. It does not release its positions on countries internationally. It is not a member of the United Nations, nor any military alliances. 

It does publicly voice its opinion when activities become to close to Columbia's comfort, and has several times sent short videos to the United Nations over the activities of Pravus International and their assets in Chicago. Columbia's choice of wording is typically very backwards when speaking to the world. 

Columbian Relations

Union of the Plains

New England Republic

Southwest Republic 

Pravus International 

Central Columbia has placed Pravus International inside the division of 'Gomorrah' in which they believe is a entity in which is set out destroy the United States of Columbia, while no action has been taken against Chicago, and allows passage of air through the Columbian airspace, requires that Chicago respect Columbia's privacy and refraim from using cameras or calling devices when flying over the country. Zachary Hale Comstock once said in a speech on the issue of growing African Nationalism around Columbia in a speech in Columbus, Ohio, "...Let those on our borders call out against the white race, for we built that city; and we can tear it down. If not us, the will of God shall tear down the walls of Jericho and allow his faithful enter..." 

East Asian Federation 


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