The Columbian Southern Democrats, or officially the Association of Southern Democrats of Columbia (ASDC) is the largest third-party in the United States of Columbia. Located primarily in the South, its political platform is seen as conservative on social issues such as abortion, religion, voting and immigration, but when it comes to economic issues the party has been some times called, "The National Socialist Party" by most opponents of the party, primarily the Columbian Republican Party. The Southern Democrats have a majority of states in southern Columbia, with the exception of Florida which has became a pro-Columbian Democratic Party state. Most of Southern Democrats are former Republicans whom did not identify with the parties harsh conservative economic platform. 

Most Southern Democrats voted for Zachary Hale Comstock in the 2013 election, which they claim the Battle of Broken Hills in Georgia to free Atlanta from Appalachia was the "..the best speech any President could give to the south.." said Lucas Williams, the parties offical head. Most of the Southern Democratic Party are part of the National Church of Columbia, which they believe could return the American religious heart. 

Party Platform


Inside the Southern Democratic Platform, welfare is discussed in article B4, opening with an extremely controversial statement, "...persons that are Caucasians should not be able to gain welfare due to a statue of failure by their own self and did not take the accountability of what the American system has given to white privilege, where as African-Americans still have not been given reparations nor have been given enough aid to excel past slavery and has not come to a point in which they would be equal of white privilege, thus African-Americans must be given full support by the state...". While the statement seems to be in support of helping African-Americans, most Democrats and Republicans will point out the only reasoning behind the ASDC's favor upon blacks in Welfare is to segregate them into public housings, and most opponents of the ASDC will use line B7 as a main argument that Southern Democrats only want to keep African-Americans in a forever loop of poverty, which the line says, "...While the Southern Democratic Party does support extending welfare to only African-Americans, we do not see it as being justified to have quotas for companies and universities to include African-Americans, instead we pledge that universities be opened to all whom deserve it." 



Gay Marriage 


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