Comarca d'Entre Illes
Entre Illes County
Departement d'Entre les Îles
Incorporated 1779
Capital Fortport
Area 9,269.33 km2 (2 th)
Population (2012) 914,559 (5 th)
Density 98,66/km2 (5 th)

Entre Illes or Comarca d'Entre Illes) is an county in the Illa Gran, and is one of the seven counties of the Pablanca. Fortport is the capital of this county.


This county is situated in Tres Illes region in the west of the bigest island Illa Gran. The name entre illes means between islands. This region occupies two islands, the Gran island and Capdegalls island.

The major cities are Fortport the capital, Ria and Portgentís.


Was established in 1779.


  1. San Manuel
  2. Got
  3. Entreilles
  4. Nou Portnou
  5. Escarpat
  6. Capdegalls
  7. Rigues
  8. Ria
  9. El Plà
  10. Llopsigats
  11. Frescavall
  12. Entreplans
  13. Pontes
  14. Pomeres
  15. Anques
  16. Felliscà
  17. Vilasola
  18. Cansdevall
  19. Puntbou
  20. Calpià
  21. Valldreta
  22. Curriera
  23. Portgentís
  24. Hilari de Fortport
  25. Iscle i Sant Genís
  26. Forport
  27. Meràs del Cim

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