Comarca de Serragran
Serragran County
Departement du Serragran
Incorporated 1759
Capital Saguinyà
Area 8,396.46 km2 (th)
Population (2012) 1,312,150 (th)
Density 156,27/km2 (th)

Serragran or Comarca de Serragran) is an county in the Illa Gran, and is one of the seven counties of the Pablanca. Saguinyà is the capital of this county.


This county is situated in Vallblanca region in the north-west center of the bigest island Illa Gran. The name serragran mean big mountains. The name 'Serragran is the most common surname in Pablanca. The major cities are Saguinyà the capital, Calafreda and Pous.


Was established in 1759 but it was a kingdom from 1525 to 1701. In the beginning when the island was discovered the Catalans were divided the island. One was Joan de Serragran and he joined with her colleagues and claimed the actual region that is now Serragran. Its boundaries changed until 1759 and finally settled as an administrative county.


  1. Puntilles
  2. Cistelles
  3. Sabarac
  4. Sanllac
  5. Subires de Pous
  6. Pous
  7. Can'Alet
  8. Sant Ramon
  9. Calafreda
  10. Capgran
  11. El Port de Saguinyà
  12. Poblenou de Serragran
  13. Llimoneres
  14. Riulleig
  15. Sant Narcís
  16. Ventdelplà
  17. Saguinyà
  18. Àscara
  19. Lacoma

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