Comarca de La Vall
La Vall County
Departement du La Vallée
Comarca LA VALL
Incorporated 1711
Capital Vallblanca
Area 7,674.56 km2 (4 th)
Population (2012) 528,222 (7 th)
Density 68,82/km2 (7 th)

La Vall County or Comarca de La Vall) is an county in the Illa Gran, and is one of the seven counties of the Pablanca. Vallblanca is the capital of this county.


This county is situated in Vallblanca region in the center of the bigest islan Illa Gran. The name la vall mean the valey. Much of this county is a valley and is the island's central valley. This valley is crossed by the largest river in the nation Riu Blanc.


Was established in 1711 only ten years after the Pablanca Republic independence.


  1. Pasestret
  2. Bacons
  3. Corriola
  4. Vallrecta
  5. Calanegre
  6. Valldebruixa
  7. Sinaló
  8. Vendallà
  9. Sant Josep de la Muntanya
  10. Maràs
  11. Sant Daniel
  12. Vallblanca
  13. Peus de Muntanya
  14. Vallblanqueta
  15. Petrer
  16. Mitja

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