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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

The Commoner Class

As the effective technological age of the time is equivalent to medieval Europe in the 1300s (magic having never really seeing widespread use), the vast majority of attentions are focused on agriculture, at 85% of the population. These are the farmers, fishermen, ranchers, hunters, etc.

Those people who, in particular, work leys are called leypeople. Leypeople represent 6% of the world population.

The vast majority of the rest are merchants, craftsmen, laborers and servants of various kinds.

Sect Formation

Commoners are the ones who are likely to form sects. Sects spring up like weeds throughout Lorica, usually when the founder discovers some kind of secret about magic. Usually these secrets are low-level when compared to guild spells/secrets, and can be readily understood and replicated by guild spellshapers. After which, the guilds usually have little difficulty hunting down the sect.

Guilds don’t simply go around hunting sects, but the sect members usually think too highly of themselves and their power, and challenge guild might with territorial claims and claims of power/grandeur which the guilds won’t live down. The commoners usually do this because thsy dramatically underestimate the power of the guilds and their spells. When the guild members show up they annihilate the sect with ease. Usually only a couple guild members is all it takes to defeat an entire sect. Practically any associate from a guild will suffice, so they don’t really need any associations to do it. In many cases it is spontaneous, the associate attacks the moment they find there’s a need to.

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