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Acquisition Force during the Riots in 2007

The Commonwealth Aquisition Force was a Security force set up for the aquisition of the former US states of Oregon, Washington, Alaska and the Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and British Columbia for the creation of the United Commonwealths of America. The force was prided for being non-violent unless provoked, which was one of the main philosophies of the new country.

The Force was set up do disband riots and unrest at the fall of the US, and the formation of the new country, the force mainly used Riot Police Gear, including makeshift equipment such as Fire Trucks for water cannon purposes. Guns were not widely used, apart from in extreme circumstances where officers were attacked, and in that case mostly Tazers were utilised. The force was disbanded in April 2007 after the full annexation of the states and the creation of the United Commonwealths. The force was made up of predominantly former US Military Personnel, US Riot Police, and local sheriffs.

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