United Commonwealth Navy
Seal of the Navy

Founded 2007
Country United Commonwealths of America
Branch Navy
Type Naval and Air Forces
Size 300,000 Active Personnel
Motto Strength, Courage, Bravey
Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Steven Hackett
Vice Chief of Naval Staff Admiral James Anderson
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Peter Mulhurn

The Commonwealth Navy Self Defence Force is the Naval Arm of the Commonwealth Self Defence Forces . The Navy holds all of the Commonwealths Naval Forces, including the country's Frigates, Air Craft Carriers, and the Naval Air Force. The Commonwealth Navy is dutied with protecting the countries waters, from the countries main enemies, and are dutied to aid in any evacuation or emergency situation if not otherwise occupied. The Navy is not deployed abroad, and instead used as a deterrant and homeland security force.

The Commonwealth Navy inherited all the United States Navy, and Canadian Naval ships and stations located in the countries territory at formation. The Commonwealth Navy is based at Naval Station Everett, and the Naval Air Force based at Naval Air Station Whitby Island.


The Commonwealth Navy contorls a medium sized fleet of Frigates, Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers.

Aircraft Carriers

  • UCS Nimitz - Flagship - Naval Station Everett
  • UCS Abraham Lincoln
  • UCS John C. Stennis - Naval Base Kitsap
  • UCS Eden - Naval Base Anchorage


  • UCS Algonquin - Naval Station Esquimalt
  • UCS Momson - Naval Station Everett
  • UCS Shoup


  • UCS Ford - Naval Station Everett
  • UCS Rodney M Davis
  • UCS Ingraham
  • UCS Vancouver - Naval Station Esquimalt
  • UCS Regina
  • UCS Calgary
  • UCS Winnipeg
  • UCS Ottawa

Coastal Defence

  • UCS Nanaimo - Naval Base Esquimalt
  • UCS Edmonton
  • UCS Whitehorse
  • UCS Yellowknife
  • UCS Saskatoon
  • UCS Brandon


  • UCS Henry M Jackson - NB Kitsap
  • UCS Alabama
  • UCS Nevada
  • UCS Pennsylvania
  • UCS Kentucky
  • UCS Nebraska
  • UCS Maine
  • UCS Louisiana
  • UCS Ohio
  • UCS Michigan
  • UCS Jimmy Carter
  • UCS Seawolf
  • UCS Conneticut
  • UCS Victoria
  • UCS Corner Brook


  • UCS Protector - Naval Base Esquimalt - Oil Replenishment

Naval Air Corps

Carrier-based aircraft are able to strike air, sea, and land targets far from a carrier strike group while protecting friendly forces from enemy aircraft, ships, and submarines. Aircraft additionally provide logistics support to maintain the Navy's readiness and, through helicopters, supply platforms with which to conduct search and rescue, special operations, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-surface warfare.

The Naval Air Corps are headquartered at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.


The following is a list of Commonwealth Nay Bases

  • Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
  • Naval Base Kitsap
  • Naval Station Esquimalt
  • Naval Station Everett - Headquarters

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