The Commonwealth Self Defence Forces (CSDF) are the United Commonwealths Protection Force against foreign invasion and threat. As the Commonwealth does not believe in Foreign Intervention or deploying troops to foreign wars. The CSDF are made up of the Commonwealth Navy Self Defense Force, the Commonwealth Air Force and the Commonwealth Land Self Defense Forces.

Commonwealth Navy Self Defene Force

The Commonwealth Navy Self Defense Force is based at Naval Base Everett, and operates a limited number Submarines, Air Craft Carriers, Frigates and Destroyers, most of which inherited from the former United States. The CNSDF are not deployed abroad, and are only available for Homeland Security and deterrant.

Commonwealth Air Self Defence Force

The Commonwealth posesses a medium sized Air Force (also known as the CASDF), based at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. All of the equipment is inherited from the former United States military.

Commonwealth Land Self Defense Force

The Land Self Defence Forces (LSDF) make up the inventorial arm of the Self Defence Forces. Based in the Defence Centre in Olympia, the LSDF has a large inventory of volunteer part-time staff, most of which are not active until times of need.

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