Communication Fields


Egypt has long been the cultural and informational center of the Arab world, and Cairo is the region's largest publishing and broadcasting center, and the Eastern Sahara is today. There are eight daily newspapers with a total circulation of more than 2 million, and a number of monthly newspapers, magazines, and journals. The majority of political parties have their own newspapers.


Formerly in Egypt the radio was almost all governmentally controlled, today in Eastern Sahara there are several privately owned radio stations, including Cairo News Today, Radio Sahara and many others. Cairo News Today is part of the largest news company in the country, and the radio broadcasts poltical news, local and world news and sports.


Eastern Sahara Television (EST) is the main broadcasting company, which is partially state controlled. EST broadcasts three channels, and features include News, Soap Operas, Entertainment, Sport and also Imported Television Programs. Cairo News Today is the largest news company in the country, and operates one television channel, and a radio station.

Landline Telephone

There is currently as single landline telephone operator, Satelcom, which is partially government owned. Landline telephone communications are the least used.

Cellular Communication

There are three main Mobile phone operators in Eastern Sahara, these are Etisalat, Mobinil and SaharaCell. These companies provide services suprassing voice communication, such as 3G and 3.75G. Much of the country uses 3G services instead of Wireless internet. IPhones and Android Smart Phones have become increasingly popular to those who can afford them


Internet in Eastern Sahara is generally provided by 3 companies;

Internet has become an important part of Eastern Sahara, as before under the oppressive governments of Egypt and Sudan many social networking and political sites were banned, including Facebook and Twitter. Today these sites are open to usage, and are some of the top ranking internet sites in the country.


Wireless is still less developed than other countries. 3G is very popular with mobile phones, IPhones have become increasingly popular.

Telephone Prefixes

  • Country Code: +20/+249
  • Mobile Serives:
    • Etisalat: 0111, 0112 or 0114
    • Mobinil: 0122, 0120, 0127, or 0128
    • SaharaCell: 0100, 0101, 0106, or 0109

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