Communist Party of Rajia
Founder Myint Khaing
Ba Kywe
Thakin Sao
General Secretary Thein Oo
Slogan Proletariat of the World Unite!
Founded 18th May 1923
Preceded by People's Revolutionary League of Rajia
Newspaper Red Voice
Youth wing Revolutionary Youth Vanguard
Paramilitary Wing People's Armed Forces
Ideology National Communism
Political position Far left
International affiliation Comintern (former)
International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Official colours Red
Anthem The Internationale
Internationale orchestral arrangement
Royal Chamber of Representatives
61 / 418

The Communist Party of Rajia abbreviated to CPR is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party in Rajia. It led the Rajian Revolution creating the East Rajia in 1945, before its fall in Operation Striking Tiger in 1978. It spearheaded the Rajian Insurgency until 1999 when it reformed to become a parliamentary party.

The successor of the People's Revolutionary League of Rajia the CPR initially was banned by the Rajian government due to its radical communist teachings. During the rule of First Minister U Zaw Nyo the CPR became an underground movement. Following the start of the Rajian Campaign the organisation became a leading opposition movement to the regime of Zaw Nyo, eventually overthrowing his government in October 1945 creating a socialist republic in its place, sparking off the Rajian Civil War. In 1948 they reached a peace agreement with monarchist forces, but in 1978 royalists broke the ceasefire launching an offensive war that led to the collapse of East Rajia. This caused the party to go underground starting a people's war against the government.

In 1996 after years of insurgency the party started the decades long peace-process with the government, when in 2009 after the coronation of Kyi Kyaw Yin I of Rajia they disarmed their armed wing and agreed to work within the parliamentary system. They have emerged as the second most prominent opposition party. The CPR is unique in that they have support across ethnic groups, whereas most political organisations in Rajia are ethnic based.



Years in exile

Rajian Revolution

People's War

Current activities



List of leaders

No. Name
Portrait Term in Office
1 Ba Kywe
Ba Kywe 18th May 1923 25th June 1936
2 Myint Khaing
Myint Tamlabaw 25th June 1936 22nd June 1968
3 Mway Saw Phan
Mway Saw Phan 22nd June 1968 3rd March 1981
4 Than Thant
Than Thant 3rd March 1981 30th October 1996
5 Thein Oo
Thein Oo 30th October 1996 Incumbent