Community of Wessen Language Countries
Cemescap þau Wessic Spreccan Landen
Administrative center Winchester, Wessex
Official languages Wessen
Other Languages Recognised Cree, English, Inuktitut, Tswana
Government Inter-governmental Organisation
• President
Margretta Godwinsson
Establishment 1960
The Community of Wessen Language Countries (Wessen: Cemenscap þau Wessisc Spreccan Landen) also commonly known as the Cemenscap, or WESPREC for short, is an intragovernmental organisation for friendship among Wessophone (Wessen Speaking) nations where Wessen is recognised as an official language, and territories that were formerly part of the Wessen Empire.

The Community has a total of four permanent full members, and three observer or officially interested members. The Community was formed with the Treaty of Ottawa on the 1st August 1960 between Wessex and Albion. It later changed its name form the Ottawa Treaty Organisation to the Community of Wessen Language Countries in 1968 when several other former Wessen colonies showed intent to join. Many place WESPREC as the successor and follow up to the Wessen Empire, continuing the unity and friendship between the former Wessen Nations. Summits are held yearly in a host country. The last summit was in February 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia. 

Member States

WESPREC, has a total of four official members, one Observer/Associate member and one Officially Intersted Party. The first nations to join were Wessex and Albion in August 1960 with the Treaty of Ottawa signed at Parliament Hill. The effective 'Head' of the Community falls to Wessex, who has historically settled and colonised all or parts of member states. 

Status Name Join date Notes
Full member FlagofAvalon Albion 1 August 1960
Flag of BotswanaBotswana 1 May 1967 Wessen is one of two official languages, alongside Tswana.
Flag of Namibia Namibia 9 April 1972  Wessen is one of two official languages alongside English
Wessexflag Wessex 1 August 1960 Effective 'Head of WESPREC'
Observer Flag of South Africa South Africa 12 July 1990 Recognises Wessen as a minority language. 
Officially Interested Flag of Brazil Brazil Has expressed interest in joining, despite only having a small Wessen minority. 



Since 2000

Year Host country Host city
I FlagofAvalon Albion Toronto
II Wessexflag Wessex Winchester
III Flag of Botswana Botswana Gabarone
IV Wessexflag Wessex Litchfurt
V Flag of Namibia Namibia Windhoek


The Wessen Language countries are home to over 80 million people, located across the globe, but have cultural similarities, and a shared history and friendship. WESPREC has a total combined area of XXXX km2. 

Since its formation, WESPREC, has helped solve issues in Nambia, and Botswana, due to civil unrest and coup d'etats in the late 20th century, and was a major pressure group on the ending of apartheid in South Africa. African members of WESPREC has seen economic issues fall due to memebership in the community, with international aid provided by members to help one another, and intergovernmental relations and pressuring. 

WESPREC looks progressively forward, pressuring for Human Rights, Democracy and Safety in member countries,