The Comstock Doctrine is the national dogma of the United States of Columbia, created by the current President of Columbia, Zachary Hale Comstock. It is treated as being 'divinely inspired' by the people of Columbia, and that his actions have revived America from falling into poverty, wickedness and weakness. Created in 2011, it was built upon the position for Columbia to enact protectionist and isolation laws to try and remove Columbia from the already growing harsh conditions of the earth. It places the Columbian Church of high regard, but not as the offical religion. Several positions on social issues such as gay marriage are restricted, but issues such as allowing for abortion for low-income and troubled women is allowed; which has caused debate inside the country. 

The Comstock Doctrine's position for international relations and causes for defense have been released to the United Nations and to surrounding nations, but the entire doctrine has been with-held from international eyes. 

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