I discovered a Facebook group for this wiki.

Facebook users can create pages allowing fans of an individual, organization, product, service, or concept to like or subscribe to the page posts and updates. Pages look and behave much like a user's personal private profile, but they are also integrated with Facebook's advertising system, allowing owners to easily advertise to Facebook's users.

Owners (admins) can send updates to their fans, and they also have access to insights and analytics of their fan base. Early on, users had the option to "become a fan" of the page until April 19, 2010, when the option was later changed to "like" the page. While an individual with a personal profile can acquire up to 5,000 friends, a Facebook page can have an unlimited number of likes and subscribers. Pages can also be customized by adding new third-party apps, presented in a form of Tab icons on a page.

This powerful feature has brought additional functionality—building custom apps and the development of the third-party "Social marketing suites", such as Sendible, Wildfire, Involver, Heyo (formerly Lujure), Elettro Social Platform, Offerpop, and many others.

In April 2010, it was announced that "community pages" would integrate content from Wikipedia, under a Creative Commons license.

Please join to this group and promote your work!

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