'Some go to Concorus for the view, some go to meet the people who live there. Me? I go for the gold.'

- Lerian Semetti, Duelliki chancellor

Capital City Chirostonia City
Currency Standard Dime
Population 4.3 Billion
Official Language(s) Concorrl

Concorus is a powerful planet located in the Lower Sector in the Dendrius galaxy. It is known throughout the galaxy for the peaceful nature of its people. The planet is rich in resources, contains some of the most beautiful sights in Dendrius, and holds many species of animal. The dominant species on Concuros are the Concorrl.


The terrain is reasonably bumpy and covered in a number of forests. It is classified as RLM: 3 by the native Concorrl but only 2 by the Duelliki. There are barely any mountains and only one volcano, but this has caused considerable damage to the planet over a number of years.



The species of animal that inhabit Concorus are considered some of the most diverse in the universe, as many have developed more interesting and unusual ways of survival. For example, the Winged Tree Ant will jump off trees and glide from one to the other to escape from prey. The plant life, too, is considered a rare and incredible thing.