Within the Southern African Confederacy, many confederal buildings (called the Confederal Building) exist to represent the confederate government on provincial or sub-provincial level. These buildings are located in large cities throughout the Confederacy and host regional offices of several confederate-level agencies. Here follows a list of Confederal Building locations throughout the SAC:

  • Bulawayo, SZ - Capital of South Zimbabwe
    Confederal Building, Bulawayo

    Confederal Building in Bulawayo.

  • Huambo, AO - Capital of South Angola
  • Windhoek, NA - Capital of Namibia
  • Gaborone, BW - Capital of Botswana
  • Maputo, MZ - Capital of South Mozambique
  • Cape Town, SA - Capital of South Africa
  • Bloemfontein, SA
  • Port Elizabeth, SA

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