The Confederate Broadcasting Network (CBN) is a mostly news-related state-owned media corporation in the Southern African Confederacy. The CBN owns three television channels, namely CBN News, CBN One and CBN Two, one radio station, and is currently in the process of expanding to newspapers and magazines.


  • 12 August 2012: Breaking news. President Gabya today addressed the nation, only seven days after his inauguration with some highly unexpected news. Parliament yesterday voted in favor of territorial expansion. After the very recent dissolution of the Hurian Federation, the Southern African Confederacy is annexing Northern Mozambique, invading Northern Zimbabwe, annexing Northern Angola, invading Zambia and annexing Malawi. The opposition forces in some of these territories are what remain of the Hurian loyalist movement, who have disobeyed orders from their War Council and Supreme Commander, who today have sought refuge in Europe. More as the story develops.
  • 17 August 2012: Chaos in Johannesburg as the South African Police Service kill between 18 and 35 striking Lonin mine workers. Police state that the protest had become violent and protesters had begun bringing firearms and a dangerous assortment of melee weapons to the site, which eventually led to some protesters firing at police. It is being debated on whether or not an inquiry is to be launched.[1]

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