Confederate Decree 001 (codified as CD001) was a decree issued by then-Vice President Deven Carlson of the Allied States, officially declaring a coup d'etat by several military and political figures. Carlson and his co-conspirators were attempting to overthrow the Allied States government and establish the new Confederate States of America. The coup, however, failed, which led to the Allied States Senate Post-Coup Committee hearings.


CD001 was announced at an emergency session of Congress, which Carlson and supporters in Congress called themselves on October 13 2010. When both the Senate and House of Representatives assembled, Carlson delivered the following speech:

Carlson speech October 2010

Carlson delivering the speech.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans. I know it surprises most of you that I called this session - something I ordinarily wouldn't be able to, but, as it stands, I have a very important announcement to make.

Ten days ago, October the third, the recall of our military forces was officially completed. We have had a tough year, and thus the President, myself and the Joint Chiefs of Staff decided that such action was appropriate. Our military was in a state of chaos and disorganization. The recall would allow us to rethink our entire foreign policy with regards to our armed forces.

Only four days ago, October the ninth, three newly-returned army brigades left their bases across the nation. Together with them, several of our colleagues and notable politicians also, as some called it, 'vanished.' On October the tenth, the President, breaching regulations put forth by this Congress for the presidential line of succession, landed in Fort Carson and entered the mountain military facility there to meet with the cabinet. Most of you, by now, know that communication with the President and the base have been lost.

I am speaking to you as a fellow American - our government has failed us. Our President has failed to prove himself time and time again as a capable leader of this nation. Despite my objections, he choose to deploy an additional forty-thousand troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, even as our military was crumbling. Despite many objections, he choose to invade Zimbabwe, costing more American lives. Even as that happened, our economy, which is now on a downward spiral, was ignored completely by this President and his senior staff. Our President handled the attempted rebellion by the fascists last May like a total warmonger. He federalized the National Guard and all but deployed entire armies to engage the secessionists.

This administration's warmongering have caused extreme job-loss and have made our country the laughing stock of the world. So early after we left the United States and GAINED more of their states, we are already becoming what we left the US for in the first place. As an American, as a person with considerable power in YOUR government, I cannot allow this to happen. That... that is why I have assembled a group of military leaders and political heads in this country... who are LOYAL to this country and what it stands for. We have, temporarily, removed the President from office and arrested his inner circle. Don't be fooled, they wish only to destroy the Republic. (By now, certain Congressmen have stood up and attempted to leave while yelling at the Vice President. "Traitor!" "This is treason!" are some of the phrases they shouted.)

Therefore, I call a vote - a vote to hand emergency powers over to myself. With these powers, temporarily, I will suspend certain articles of the Constitution and act as your president until a fair democratic election can be held. A real election. Not like the first one which only took place through certain networks the President had. With these powers, I... we will establish a more perfect union. We will create the new Confederate States of America and give our states that needed autonomy to govern themselves more effectively. We will dismantle those forces seeking to destroy this nation and establish a smaller federal government with a military truly independent from political influence. Those who vote in favor, say "aye!"

(Many conservative Congressmen stand up and shout aye, while other Democratic Liberals, later found out to have been blackmailed, also yell in the affirmative. Only a handful of Congressmen continue barking insults and "nay! nay!" at the Vice President. The Speaker of the House, by this time, has removed herself from the session; her reasons were later reported that she knew she was the actual Acting President and needed to distance herself from danger.)

By the power invested in me by the Congress of the Allied States of America, I hereby issue Confederate Decree 001, temporarily suspending the Office of the President, the Congress and certain parts of the Constitution! The Allied States of America has ended, but from the ruins of our once great nation will rise the Confederacy! God bless you all, and God bless America!

Text of Confederate Decree 001

By the power vested in me as the Acting President of the Allied States of America by the Legislature, I hereby proclaim Confederate Decree 001 in effect and enforced, the directives of which are as follows:

Section 1: The Legislature of the Allied States is henceforth and until further notice suspended and all powers thereof transferred to the Acting President.

Section 2: All provisions of the previous Allied States Constitution, spare the First- and Ninth Rights of the Bill of Rights, are henceforth and until further notice suspended until a new constitution can be drafted.

Section 3: Rule by decree shall enjoy supersedence over all previous federal and state law.

Section 4: The Allied States of America and all assets which bear the name, shall henceforth be known as the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA.

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