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Confederate States of America
Motto: Deo Vindice
Anthem: "To Arms in Dixie"
Capital Montgomery
Largest city Atlanta
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Spanish, French, Cajun, Cherokee
Demonym Confederates, Southerners

United Nations

Government Confederal Republic
• President
Haley Barbour (D)
• Vice President
Ted Cruz (D)
Legislature Confederate Congress
House of Representatives
Establishment February 4, 1861
• 2011 census
Currency Confederate Dollar (CSD)
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +1

The Confederate States of America (often shortened to Confederate States, or CSA) is a soverign nation located in North America. Ever since the end of the Confederate Revolution, the Confederate States have become an imperialistic nation with territories in the Carribbean, the Pacific, Africa, and smaller islands throughout the world.


Main article: History of the Confederate States of America

The area of what is now known as the Confederate States of America was originally colonized by the British, French, and Spanish. The British had Georgia, The Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. The French had Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The Spanish had parts od Alabama, Mississippi, all of Florida, and Texas.