This is a WiP by DetJones and a infobox and more info and the nation's history is coming soon... For now I'm focusing on modern day.

The Confederate Union is a country formerly known as the Confederate States of America. The difference between this world and the real world is that Lincoln was assassinated in the middle of the Civil War and this led the Rebels to victory.

Slavery is legal but to citizens, it is one of the most free countries in the world, and the borders are open to anyone as long as they are willing to fight in case of a draft. Slaves can't fight in the armed forces but can be freed and become citizens of the country. The country believes in a strong military and often strikes first in the many wars it has fought with others. It has been dubbed the "Democracy of Hipocrisy" by it's critics.


The Union controls all the US states except for Maryland and Virginia, which is a independent country run by the former United States. The capital is Columbia, South Carolina, moved from Richmond when the new goverment officially took over. The state of Texas is the most populated in the country. It's largest city is New York City.

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