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The Confederation-Wessex Travel Union, or the Common Travel Area, is a travel zone that comprises the British Isles, between the Great British Confederation and the Kingdom of Wessex. In general, the Area's internal borders are subject to minimal or non-existent border controls and can normally be crossed by British and Wessen citizens with only minimal identity documents. The Confederation-Wessex passport is issued by various authorities in the Confederation and within Wessex, with different designs. 


Border Controls


Wessex only shares a land border with England and Wales within the Confederation. The only major connection to Wales being the two Severn Crossings, and the M50 in Gloucestershire. Wessex has the largest landborder with England with major and minor crossings barely marked apart from a 'Welcome' sign.

When arriving by air in Great Britain, Wessen citizens must present their Common Confederation-Wessex passport upon arrival, but do not require a Visa. Wessex citizens are issued with the Wessex variant of the passport.

Confederation countries

The Confederation countries of England and Wales are the only two countries with a land border into the Kingdom of Wessex. The Kingdom of England does not maintain border control operations, apart from welcome signs that dot the various points of entry. The Kingdom of Wales only has a small border with Wessex, marked primarily by the Severn. The two bridges between each other are managed by the Welsh government, but aside from that Wales has not taken any other border-based governmental activities. Other countries which travel primarily by sea or air into Wessex, notably Ireland and Mann, only require that the passport be presented upon arrival at the gate or dock and no further actions are taken. Scotland and Guernsey and Jersey, however, requires that the passport be checked for authenticity because of its distance from the Commonwealth.

British Overseas Areas are different from the minimal border management in the British Isles, however. Because of their distance from the Isles, the Overseas Areas do require that the passport holder be checked to be a citizen of a Tavel Union country. While visas are not required, customs are to prevent the travel of illicit materials through the Overseas Areas into the Confederation or the Commonwealth. The only exception that citizens receive in the Overseas Areas is the expunging of visas, most other border control methods are enforced.

Common Passport

Member countries of the Great British Confederation issue their own separate passports that are integrated into the passport system. Each country has their own language's variation of the words Kingdom of Wessex and the Great British Confederation under the English version of this. Above the words is the seal of the respective country. The passport itself is burgundy in colour, with the stated embellishments in faux gold.

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