The Confederation of Exiled Governments is an intergovernmental organization based in Bonn representing the exiled claimants of legitimacy without any sovereign territory over which they rule.

CEG Donation Pool

The CEG hosts a fund of donations for usage by any of the member GoE's. The decision to tap into the fund must, however, be authorized by a vote of a council of member GoE's. Some have stated that the fund could be used to purchase the services of PMCs for coups or other military ventures.


International law recognizes that governments in exile may undertake many types of actions in the conduct of their daily affairs. These actions include:

  • becoming a party to a bilateral or international treaty

  • amending or revising its own constitution

  • maintaining military forces

  • retaining, or newly obtaining, diplomatic recognition from other states

  • issuing identity cards

  • allowing the formation of new political parties

  • holding elections

In cases where a host country holds a large expatriate population from a government in exile's home country, or an ethnic population from that country, the government in exile might come to exercise some administrative functions within such a population. For example, the WWII Provisional Government of Free India had such authority among the ethnically Indian population of British Malaya, with the consent of the then Japanese military authorities.


  • Qajar Dynasty of Iran

  • Pahlavi Dynasty of Iran

  • National Council of Risistance of Iran

  • Government of Free Vietnam

  • Crown Council of Ethiopia

  • Council of the Belarusian People's Republic

  • Royal Lao Government in Exile

  • Quetta Sura of Afghanistan

  • Progress Party of Equatorial Guinea

  • Govermnent of South Maluku

  • West Papuan Government in Exile

  • Biafran Government in Exile

  • Republic of Cabinda

  • Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

  • Republic of Serbian Krajina

  • Koma Civakên Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan Government)
  • Republic of Ambazonia
  • Western Kurdistan Government in Exile (Syrian Kurdistan)
  • East Turkistan Government in Exile (Uyghurstan, PRC)
  • Interrim Government of Federated Shan States (Burma)
  • Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
  • Sawrahi Arab Democratic Republic (controls Free Zone of Western Sahara)
  • State of Palestine (some authority in Palestinian Territories of Israel)
  • Central Tibetan Administration
  • Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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