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Flag of CSAN
The Confederation of Sovereign Asian Nations
Motto Peace, prosperity, progress
Political data
Governmental form
  • Defense Alliance
  • Directorial semi-technocratic confederation
  • De facto self-policing intergovernmental treaty organization
Founding document Treaty of Great Asian Integration
Constitution Confederate Conducting Codes
Ruler Amakawa Yuuto, from Omamori Himari's realm.
Executive branch Director General
Legislative branch Confederate Senate
Judicial branch Confederate Court of Justice
Military CMDF
Societal data
Alignment Neutral good
Archetype Traders.Explorers
Core galaxy Kreetassa
Capital world Uslion
Capital city Saigon
Currency None. Fully post-scarcity, although local currencies still apply for outlying territories.
Notable for
  • Cultural sophistication and colorful
  • Actively engaging in cultural and social exchanges.
  • Extremely liberal views toward many different things, even sex or drugs
  • High technological advancement.
  • Pan-multiversal superpower
Civilization Vastly diverse.
Scientific and Technological levels Varied. In general, worlds are more advanced the closer they are to the Capital
Size in prime universe 8,300,069 x 108450star systems
Population in prime universe 996,911 gogol
Location Omniverse
General data
Definition Superpower. Southeastward to Southmost APAC
Tier Tier 1+
Kardashev Scale IV - Borderline V
Current status Expanding
Uslion NR

the world of Uslion

The Confederation of Sovereign Asian Nations, commonly known as CSAN or the Confederates (much to the annoying of many USA-rooted polities), is a sovereign star polity mapping vast territories across Southeastward to Southmost APAC space. Located mainly along an intersection between various grand empires and ancient civilizations, a fact that both contributed to the high diversity levels of cultures, civilizations and species, Confederate-wide, and had been used by generations of Director-General, to control inter-universe trade, thus grew exponentially in wealth through tariffs and duties. An expansive great power, the Confederates hold BZs with various star polities and civilizations along North-Eastward to Eastward space, while facing mostly uncharted space on other sides. With 996,911 x gogol of population, the Confederate is currently the most populated star polity, equal only by the Yamatoran. The spiral Kreetassa galaxy served as their capital and political center.

The Confederation functions on two-fold systems. On one hands, they are a confederal republic, based on mixtures of technocracy, democratic oligarchy, parliamentarian and directorial e-democracy. 14 colonies - where 10 original Confederate members first settled - and their labyrith of dominions merge over time, forming the Confederation's central territory, fanning out Eastward-spinward. On another hands, however, the empire is also a self-policing alliance, composing star polities that refuse to completely give up their sovereigns. The majority of Confederate territories actually compose such polities; each of them retains much autonomy, only required to submit the supranational-negotiated laws and decisions, pay the tribute and contribute to common army.


Based off Battlestar's 12 colonies of man, SporeWiki - Confederacy of Free Planets and Allied Terran Republic, real life ASEAN (partial), as well as many more.

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