Confederacy of Niria

The Confederacy of Niria is a confederation of predominately dwarven city-states and minor holdings that formed in the region of the former thanedoms of Upper and Lower Niria. The country was created by the Treaty of Ard Ben in the year 674 TA, when the dwarves of the region decided to unify against the mounting foreign threats. The country stretches from the mountains of the Tall Teeth to the Plain of Verrne, a total land area of over 36,000 square miles. There were nine main cities in the Confederacy, the three largest being the cities of Ardben, Dunglás and Undstan. Although the Confederacy offically does not have a capital, the de facto capital is the city of Dunglás, which lies on the flat lands of the Plain of Verrne.


Threats from Outside

The impetus for the creation of the Confederacy of Niria was the events in the early and middle centuries of the Third Age. At this time, the independant city-states had begun to face threats that were becoming too large to deal with upon their own. The first of these threats came from the realms of men, when the Kings of Waldron and the Princes of Gywath seeked to capture the rich mines of gold and silver in the northern Tall Teeth. These lands belonged to the city-states of Undstan, Pennold and Verde.

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