Conservative Party of Britain
Leader William Fawcett
Founded 1834
Split from Tory Party

Conservative Campaign HQ

4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9NP, England
Youth wing Conservative Future
Membership  (2015) 149,800
Ideology Conservatism
British Unionism
Political position Centre Right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Official colours Blue
House of the Commons
326 / 650
House of State
248 / 808

The Conservative Party of Britain colloquially known as the Tories is a centre right political party in Britain. Formed in 1834 they have been the dominant right wing faction in Britain with famous Tories including Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. It has the largest amount of MP's within the House of Commons and Lords in the House of Lords.

From 1945-79 the party ideologically adhered to One Nation Conservatism. Under Margaret Thatcher the party embraced economic liberalism and Euroscepticism ruling Britain for 18 years from 1979-97. They managed to win the 2012 general election, with their new leader William Fawcett emphasising both Thatcherite and One Nation Conservative policies.




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