Conservative Party of Lecrotia
Partito Conservatore di Lecrozia
Kônsservativii Partäe Lekrôtzja
Founder Alberto Cosimi
Chairman Mauro Mancini
Co-Chairman Cassandra Giordano
Great Council Leader Adriano Van Der Speer
Rep's Chamber Leader Anaïs Della Rocca
Founded May 3, 1965
Headquarters Via Cristoforo Gimondi, 24, Cantagallo, Castelmagno
Ideology Trad. Cons.
Fiscal cons.
Social Cons.
Lecrotian nationalism
Official colors Baby pink
Seats in the Great Council
2 / 21
Seats in the Reps. Chamber
12 / 72

The Conservative Party is a centre-right political party in the Republic of Lecrotia that espouses the philosophies of conservativism. From 1977 it is the second largest political party in Lecrotia. It governs in coalition with the Christian Party of Lecrotia, with party leader Mauro Mancini. The party was founded in 1965 as a result of the Christian split.

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