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Constitution of Oirat
Created March 26, 1856
Ratified April 2, 1856
Authors Oirat Autonomy Party
Purpose To institute strong, basic regulations that all people in Oirat must equally abide to, and institute the basic rights that all people in Oirat under citizen status shall obtain within the nation

The Constitution of Oirat is the supreme law of The Kingdom of Oirat. The constitution's primary purpose is to establish the framework of the Oirat government and describing the general rights, powers, and duties of all levels and branches of the government. Established on April 2, 1856, the constitution first began as a petition draft for Tsarist authorities regarding the maintenance and enforcement of equal citizen status between Russians and non-Russian minority groups, which eventually evolved into the Oirat constitution under the Oirat Autonomy Party based in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire.

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