• Constitution
  • Ratified February 18, 2008
  • Revised February 18, 2010


We the people of the Greater Korean Republic, proudly defeated the dictators of the North, upholding the cause of the original Republic of Korea in 2008 against injustice, assumed the mission of bringing democracy to Asia and to the remainder of the world and having determined to assist those in need with justice, humanitarism, and brotherly love, and to destroy all social vices and injustices, to afford equal opportunities to every person and provide for the fullest development the fullest development of individual capabilities in all fields, 'including, political, economic, social and cultural life by further 'strengthening the basic free and democratic order conducive to 'private initiative and public harmony, and to help each person discharge those duties and responsibilties.

Ideas Stated in the Constitution

The Greater Korean Constitution states that the Greater Korean Republic occupies the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese Home Islands, the Mariana Islands, and the Island of Sakalin. The Korean Armed Forces is responsible for the defense of the Greater Korean Republic and its interests abroad. Government Officals are public serveants of the people, and could be impeached by the National Assembly.

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