The Constitution of the Republic of the Kruz Islands is the supreme law of the country. The current constitution was voted on 21 December 1956.

Islas Kruz Escudo

The Official Coat of Arms

Article 1 - The Symbols of the Republic

The Republic of the Kruz Islands is a democratic and federal republic.

The Official flag is the Banner of stars and waves.

The Official sceal is the symbol of the Republic.

The Official motto is : Freedom, Peace, Justice.

The Official Anthem is "Spirit of the Waves".

The Official languages of the republic are English and Kruzean. Both languages have equal status, both can be used by the government.

The Official capital and seat of government is Williamsport, FT.

The National Language is Kruzean.

The Kruz Islands is an absolute peacefull country. Therefore the country has no army. Mass destruction weapons are forbiden and military activities are unauthorised. The only exception is the Special American Protection Base in Federal Territory, which depends of the US government.

Article 2

The government is elected for and by the Kruzean Citizens.

The President is the head of Government, this one is elected by the High Council which is elected by the citizens every 3 years. The term is renewable twice if the president is reelected twice. The term can not exceed a total of 9 years. To be electable, one has to be a Kruzean citizen, at least 21 years old.

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