The Constitution of the Republic (Italian: Costituzione della Repubblica; Maltese: Kostituzzjoni tar-Repubblika) is the fundamental law of the Republic of Lecrotia. It was adopted in the foundation day, which is the 4 October, 1794. There are four original copies of the Constitution: one in Italian, one in Maltese, one in Zilenian and one in Lecrotian.


The constitution contains a preamble and 15 sections.

  • Section I addresses the nation's general provisions.
  • Section II outlines the rights, liberties and duties of the Lecrotian people.
  • Section III estabilishes the duties, responsibilities and rights of the President and the Vice President.
  • Section IV establishes the Parliament and its duties.
  • Section V estabilishes the the Administrative Orders and their duties, responsibilities and rights.
  • Section VI outlines the jurisdictional, administrative and budgetary aspects of National and Local government in Lecrotia.
  • Section VII outlines the legislative process.
  • Section VIII addresses the financial issues and budget of Lecrotia.
  • Section IX addresses international relations and treaties.
  • Section X addresses Lecrotian National defense
  • Section XI outlines the duties of the Ministries.

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