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The unofficial Skype chat of the Constructed Worlds Wiki, known as the Conworlds Fam is an invite-only, private chat group of active Constructed Worlds Wiki users who take pride in producing excellent quality content, and seek camaraderie and fellowship. It was created due to the desire for a stronger chat service than the one provided on Wikia or IRC. For anyone interested in joining the Skype chat, contact Centrist16 or another member for the joining link (which you can obtain via private message on the wiki chat service). The Conworlds Fam is not affiliated or operated by the Constructed Worlds Wiki or Wikia, or the administration in any way. All content distributed on Conworlds Fam is private and released only under conditional circumstances. By participating in Conworlds Fam, you agree that you are potentially sharing and receiving personal information via a third-party software program, and that you can be removed from the chat at any time with or without explanation. Note that the majority of Conworlds Fam is fairly open about their personal lives and there is virtually no moderation. Proceed with caution.

Conworlds Fam Roster
Join Order Wikia Username Skype Nickname Skype Username Projects Involved (Primary/Secondary) Affiliation
8 AnnaOurLittleAlice [Private] [Private] Nearly Real World/Independent
10 AWpCR [Private] [Private] Independent
5 Bowwow828 Travis Washer bowwow.28 Independent/Altverse CQC (Officer)
9 Candiesrgood [Private] [Private] Altverse
3 Centrist16 Justin Vuong justin.vuong16 Altverse CQC (Sheriff)
14 CnocBride CnocBride CnocBride Independent
4 Dog of War [Private] [Private] Altverse/Independent CQC (Officer)
13 horton11 [Private] [Private] Altverse
1 Fizzyflapjack [Private] [Private] Altverse/Independent CQC (Member)
11 Nathan1123 [Private] [Private] Independent
2 Pelicary [Private] [Private] Altverse
12 SkyGreen24 [Private] [Private] Independent
7 Vivaporius [Private] [Private] Independent
6 Zabuza825 [Private] [Private] Independent
†Personally left the chat