Copa Cabana
コパカバナ (Kopakabana)
—  Capital  —
Large silver lizard flag k.jpg
Founder Roca Antonio
Government Capital
 - Mayor Harrick Dew (Draguan Liberal Party)
 - Total 312 km2 (120.5 sq mi)
 - Land 256 km2 (98.8 sq mi)
 - Water 56 km2 (21.6 sq mi)
Elevation 45 m (148 ft)
Population (2013)
 - Total 2,723,869
 - Density 8,730.3/km2 (22,611.5/sq mi)
 - Demonym Cabaner
Time zone +0
Area code(s) 200

Copa Cabana is since 1975 the capital of the Draguan Islands and the most important city in the country. With 2.623.869 inhabitants, the city still grows since the assignment of capital.


Copa Cabana began as a small settlement set up by the early spaniards which occupied the southern part of the archipelago. After the spaniard were driven off by the Dutchmen, the name stuck and the settlement rapidly grew, after report that Britain occupied the western part. Before 1975, Copa Cabana was a regular city with approximately 430.000 inhabitants and was a lot smaller.


Copa Cabana is a coastal city which lies in the province of Mid-Draguan, but has a pleasant climate. Maximal Summer temperatures are around the 38 degrees Celsius, while maximal Winter temperatures are 22 degrees Celsius. The river Río Azul streams trough the city and forming a important waterway.


Roads in Copa Cabana are traffic-friendly, which means that traffic jams are umcommon. Most parts of the city can be reached by boat, due the construction of canals in the time that the dutchmen occupied Copa Cabana. The city has several small airports and one international airport: Copa Cabana International.

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