Cornish Assembly
Senedh Kernow
Devolved Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Leader of the House
Jane Baltar, Cornish Alliance
Political groups
     Mebyon Kernow
     Social Liberal Party
     Labour Party of Wessex
Meeting place
Senedh House, Truro, Pow Ereder County
The Cornish Assembly, (Senedh Kernow - Cornish) is the legislature is the devolved country of Cornwall, part of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. The Assembly was created in 1985 following the Cornwall Act in the same year, which created Cornwall as a devolved home nation.

The Assembly has a total of 32 seats, 30 of which are elected constituents from Cornwall, the latter 2 of which are either PM appointees or independent politicians. 


Senedh Hall

The Senedh Hall, or the Assembly Hall is the meeting place of the Cornish Assembly, located in Truro Cornwall. Formerly the County Hall of Cornwall the building was converted in 1985 to house the assembly.

Lys Kernow

Lys Kernow is the centre of the Cornish government, located in northern Truro. The building houses the departments of the council, and other offices.

Powers and Status

Devolved Areas