The Cornwall National Council, or the Cornish Government, is the devolved government of Cornwall, as part of the Kingdom of Wessex. The National Council constitutes of the Cornish Cabinet, and Governmental Departments of the devolved government, while the legislative authority remains in the hands of the Cornish Assembly. The National Council is also the official local government of Cornwall, split into 9 Shire offices which manage each of Cornwall's 9 Shires locally. 

The National Council is lead by a First Minister who is the official head of the cornish government, while the Monarch of Wessex is the Monarch of the Cornwall, and the Duke is traditionally the reigning Monarch's son. 

The National Council is reponsible for implementing the Assembly's policies on Education, Healthcare, Local Government, Budget, Agriculture and the Cornish Language. Currently the Cornish Alliance (the Cornish SLP and Mebyon Kernow) hold the majority in Cabinet, followed by the Labour Party of Wessex.

First Minister

The First Minister is the official head of government for Cornwall, however is subordinate to the national Prime Minister of Wessex, and instead is tasked with being the figurehead of the government, and to ensure that the Cornish Government is doing its job.

The First Minister is elected by a majority vote by the Cornish Assembly members from those who have been short listed to become First Minister from the Cabinet. The First Minister must be from the party that has the majority in the Cabinet and Assembly. 


Office Incumbent Party
First Minister Jim Tinewid Cornish Alliance
Minister for Agriculture and the Environment Judith Tam Cornish Alliance
Minister for Business and Finance Kirk Farwell Cornish Alliance
Minister for Education Edward West Cornish Alliance
Minister for Health Susan Tom Cornish Alliance
Minister for Local Government  Alex Tatney Cornish Alliance

Local Government

The National Council is split into 9 separate Shire Offices which locally manage operations within each administrative division, a separate system to in the rest of Wessex. Each Shire Office is lead by a Local Executive, who is elected by a majority in the Local Election in each Shire. 

  • East Ryslegh Office
  • Isles of Scilly Office
  • Kerryer Office
  • Lynsnowyth Office
  • Penwith Office
  • Pow Ereder Office
  • Pydar Office
  • Stradneth Office
  • Trigordh Office
  • West Fowy Office

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