Corporate Republic of Palestine
الشركات جمهورية فلسطين (ar)
רפובליקת חברות של פלסטין (he)

Flag of Palestine Coat of Arms of Palestine
Flag Coat of Arms
Palestine (Orthographic Projection)
Location of Palestine
Anthem: فدائي
My Redemption
(and largest city)
Official language Arabic
Ethinic groups Arabs
Demonym Palestinian
- Regional Director
- Assistant Director
Mahmoud Abbas
Salim Zanoun
Legislature Board of Directors
- from Israel
- Reorganized by Pravus

15 November 1988
4 August 2007
- Total

- Water (%)

22,072 km²
8,522 sq mi
- 2013 estimate
- Density

1440.13/sq mi
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$336.029 billion
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$367.791 billion
Gini (2012) 40.8 (medium)
HDI (2012) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.900 (very high)
Pravus credit (₢) (PCR)
Time Zone
- Summer (DST)
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
Drive on the right
Internet TLD .ps
Calling code +970
The Corporate Republic of Palestine, or just Palestine as it is often referred to, is a small Middle Eastern state located in the Levant. Palestine is home to some 12.2 million citizens, and controls and area of approximately 22,072 square kilometers of land. It replaced the State of Israel in 2007 after the 2007 Pravus–Israeli War, which destroyed much of the Israeli military, and placed the Palestinian people in control of the deeply disputed region after some 60 years of back and forth conflicts and debates.

The nation was initially founded in 1988 by the desendents of Palestinian refugees in following their exile from their homelands by the Jews in 1948. The small nation was for the majority of its history ignored by the international community, and bullied by its far more powerful neighbor Israel, which sought to prevent it from gaining nation status. Since 2007, the nation has grown to become the foremost regional power, and thanks to the backing of Pravus International, is a major economic force as well.

As a corporate republic, Palestine is not a truly free nation, as its government ultimately answers to Pravus, which can and will remove it from power if the Palestinian leaders refuse to abide by its commands. Pravus uses the territory as a source of income and employment for its many factories and economic centers throughout the globe. Also, Palestine serves as a safe haven for Pravus interests in the region, preventing hostile parties from locking it out of the Middle East.




Main page: Palestinian National Security Forces




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